Hari to Seoul in 3 days

We left Hari early to tackle the mountain peaks, a total of 11 ks of gentle climbing to go over a 530 mt and a 300 mt peak.

Early to get over before the heat and possible rain

The peak was a buzz we stopped twice for a drink but we rode all the way making the descent well deserved. During this ride we had a lot of sharp short hills which were impossible for me about half the time. Never did so much walking.

Tabitha joined us for coffee in a very shiny roadside cafe. Lots of glass display cabinets with Korean products, it could have been a trade centre

Tabitha had a flat and got a lift to Chungju with a Korean rider who had suffered a crash. He was ok but didn’t want to ride anymore. She was also worried about the rain so took a bus to Seoul planning to return later in the week

Anyway we had no issues and only a little rain. We stayed in a lovely clean hotel and with help from an English speaking girl in 7-Eleven ordered pizza

The next day we again avoided the rain and had fun riding an uneventful 80 k to Yeogu 

We ate Chinese. Still not my favourite and stayed in a hotel that looked like a fake thatch cottage

The last 100 to Seoul were steady and mostly through built up areas

The biggest surprise of the day was that the hills were gone replaced by tunnels, what a buzz!

The gods of cycling took their revenge by giving us a horrid head wind for 25 ks. What a grind. We were happy to get back to the GV Residence

Quick shower and into the bar be t door for tacos, beer and margaritas

What a great ride. So happy to share it with my wonderful husband and daughter

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Hari, foot of the mountain

There is a mountain in my future. Tomorrow we go over the biggest hill yet. Climbing to 400 meters twice over 20 kms 

We met another Aussie girl, Tabitga, today who rode with us and joined us in the hotel and for dinner.

Nice hotel with super bike lockers and a washing machine. Luxury!!  And a lovely shop in the lobby

We only ride 30 today. A bit of a rest day as we have been going quite fast each day.

A wrong turn meant we had a nice spell in a pavilion in the middle of a lotus field.

Relaxed breakfast in the Sanju mall

And as usual plenty to see along the way.  The scenery has changed and the river is now more natural and quite small.

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In Sangju City

This was going to be a short day which turned into a long one. 85 ks in the heat which is quite severe in the afternoon. We all wear ninja masks now.

We arrived at our hotel at 7 and after a quick shower went out to look for a place to eat. Tessa and I had barbecue and Ken had rice, bread and chocolate.

Along the way we stumbled on a huge bike museum where Marco, the manager, took us around and explained the exhibits and about Korean life to us. Lovely man, did a bit of flirting with Tessa.

As we turned a corner today 2 little blond kids raced up the hill past us on loaded bikes.  They were touring with their parents from Melbourne.  Turned out we have actually bought bike parts and accessories from them. Amazing. Hope they have somewhere to sleep tonight. They had no cash, ATM issues, and they were going to a desolate stretch 

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Namji to Gumisi in 2 days

Gumisi is considered the Silicon Valley of Korea.  It is a big town. Lots of industry   Huge LG plant here for instance.

Yesterday we stayed near Daegu.  Coming in I was struck by how huge the road was 10 lanes and barely used. The sidewalk and parks were built but not maintained at all.

Super hot today we are setting off at 6 to take advantage of the cool tomorrow morning.  We are meeting quite a few riders on the path now. It has to be the best bike path ever.

The riding has been relatively easy, yesterday had some killer hills a few of which we cycled around. Thanks Ken great navigating

We are still following the rivers which are still enormous even though we are getting closer to the source.

Heaps of interesting things to see, signs, art work, flowers, parks and ecological areas with picnic spaces.

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Yangsan to Namji

The trail led us past the mighty rivers today and through misty mountains

It was quite flat and we easily covered 75 k and we quickly found a hotel as we came into town. After a bit of rest we popped into town for supplies and dinner

Our desert which frozen yoghurt and fruit took the poor man behind the counter half an hour to make, it was delicious but they should get him some help.

The road wound through wetlands and recreational areas no towns or villages just the occasional few farms

We did see a sign for Coffee and Dessert and scored this amazing place. The coffee did cost $10

All in all a fun day, no mishaps and the bike is running super smooth thanks to Ken

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Pohang to Yangsan

Up early from our crazy room to catch the bus to Yangsan

Thoroughly enjoyed the hilly east coast ride  but Tessa arrives today so we are doing a quick trip to Yangsan just north of Busan from where we will get on the four rivers trail to Seoul, just under 700 ks 

Tess caught the train from Inchon to Busan and we all went back together on the subway. We did have to walk 2 k with her luggage including a bike box because taxis refused to take the bike box. On the way we stopped for fried chicken.

A great rest day with a stroll around the local neighbourhood and watching a few movies in our room in the Time Hotel

Starting on the trail tomorrow 

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To Pohang

A fairly easy day today. Virtually no hills except for nasty little climbs from the villages back to the road and vice versa

The route petered out once or twice leaving us to fight through sand or gravel or just threw us into the traffic but we arrived in Pohang which is a huge city but not too bad for riding as there are bike paths of the roads

We ventured into a local restaurant today where we had an amazing spring onion and octopus pancake with many little a complimentary dishes. It was cooked and served with such grace that it really made a difference to us beyond just giving sustenance 

I booked us into the Star Motel close to the beach and bus station which has turned out to be what they call a love hotel. We have a huge suite with a circular bath for 2 and an opening roof above the bed. It is on the 10th floor

Picture of room types in the lift.

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To Yeongok

Two more days of cycling done. Tomorrow we are off to Pohang and then 2 rest days

The cycling was brutally hilly yesterday compensated by a fabulous hotel in Jukbyeon with a bath for 2 overlooking the ocean followed by a great Italian dinner

The riding was not so hard today but a few of the gills were short and steep so I had to walk

Tonight we are in the Stream Pension, no dinner except for birthday cake from some other guests and a packet of chips. Everything is closed as it isn’t tourist season yet.  Never mind, some fellow travellers fed us large slabs of watermelon when we were having coffee and this afternoon we had 1 1/2 ice creams each as it was a 2 for 3 deal and the guy in 7-11 refused to let me leave it

Lots of impressions of Korea in the last few days. The east coast is quite mixed, lots of tourism especially around eating seafood. The sea is very clear and looks beautiful

There is of course lots of industry and development but most of what we have seen is about the products from the sea.

Every spare inch has vegetables growing on it. Very few flowers in the gardens it is all cultivated

A lot of the villages look messy by our standards. No adornment around the houses. People seem to work hard until a fair age but everyone has a newish car so not sure about the standard of living

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First 3 days in Korea 

It is now Tuesday night and we are on the beach somewhere on the East coast of Korea. So far I haven’t mastered the names yet and the subtle differences between place names 

We arrived Sunday afternoon in Seoul after  an overnight flight from Brisbane via Hong Kong and then a train from Inchon airport

Early the next morning Ken put the bikes together and we set of to find the bus station to get to the east coast. Gangneung.

After 3 and 1/2 hours we arrived and set out again on the bikes to find the beach

The bus trip was fascinating, all available space is used yet the country is mountainous so there is a lot of undeveloped countryside too. The freeways through the country are impressive 

We stayed in a basic hotel on Anmok Beach from where we rode today. Usual first day issues sorted out quickly except for the vexed issue of money. My card wouldn’t work. Each bank simply sent me on until finally a smart young guy told me that I needed a global ATM but there was only 1 in the city. Well we found it and disaster averted but it did take 3 hours

Now we are in a nice guest house on the beach. Basic but only $50. Would have been cheaper if we took a room without a bed 

Fire crackers going off on the beach. Lots of chatter from the fish restaurants.  We had Italian. Very nice

But we did get an extra room for the bikes for free

So lots of kindness on our first full day of riding

Tomorrow I will start taking photos 

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Testing testing

Getting ready to go cycling in Korea 

Enjoying the EATONS Hill hotel tonight with Tracey to see Becky Cole

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