Gloomy or sad, I hope not!

Tessa said the post on my birthday was a bit sad or maybe gloomy.  It wasn’t meant to be.  Of course it was the day my flu really set in so that could have influenced it.  It is more that I would love to use this year as a focal point to shape the next 10 years, reflect on what a fortunate life I have had, and all the things that add up to a good life.

Today life is creeping back into my body and we even took the new bike for spin, it is a lovely thing to glide around the suburbs on.  Right now we are babysitting Edie and will have to ride half a k home, just as well I have the dynamo lights!

Edie was a bit stroppy to-night and when I had her totally ready for bed, she suddenly remembered that she did get her cake for dessert, then she wanted to start the whole bedtime routine again; books, milk, books, teeth. books.  So I switched the lights off and sat on her bed while she fussed a little, she is such a sweetheart though and immediately settled down.  I counted to 100 and started inching out of the room while counting to 100 again, and success!

Today we went into the city and visited Richard at work.  It was a nice sunny day and it was  a nice outing.  We caught the train and the tram, using the new Myki cards.

A lovely family day!  It is so nice to be on a break, it is different from being on holidays.  Holidays can be exhausting and you often feel you need to recover from it no matter how good it was, don’t you?

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  1. Karen Buffett says:

    Hi Jenny
    Jo sent me the link to your Blog and as with everything else that you do, it is of course impressive and full on! Sounds like you are enjoying Melbourne and have settled in easily and without drama – sorry to hear about the usual winter germs, especially on your birthday but I am sure that you made the most of your special day. The new bike looks very impressive – hope you enjoy it. Not long now for your big trip. Hope you have a wonderful time and keep safe on the roads if I do not catch up with you before your leave. We will be in Melbourne very briefly next week for Matt ‘s (the youngest) graduation. It will be a busy time at the Cerberus Naval Base in the Frankston region area. Am looking forward to seeing our baby after such a long time. Have just come back from 10 days on Norfolk Island and it was wonderful. The weather was lovely and we were able to do some gorgeous walks while we were there. My nice new hiking boots are no longer nice and new and have been nicely broken in. Ok have to go – just wanted to say hello and great to see that you have taken Melbourne head on!
    Keep safe!

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