Show me the way to St Louie

We are now relaxing in a hotel in St Louis, before heading off tomorrow for Chicago. We set off on our last riding day from St. Genevieve, an early French town on the Mississippi. The ride was 60 miles, but flat, flat, flat. Most of the time we were riding on the Levee road among the corn fields. It is a route we worked out from the bike directions on Google maps. There were no towns etc. along the way, we saw 6 cars in the whole day. This day confirmed why we ride, just cruising along the legs doing their thing completely disconnected with the rest of the body, with the mind free to wander.

We stayed 8 miles south of St Louis in the Cahokia RV Parque for 2 nights. The proprietor said the bus that stops out front only came 3 times a day and not to be in St Louis after dark, so we took a cab in, but worked out another metro/ bus connection that ran every 1/2 hour and the bus was only a block away. This morning we rode from the RV park into town where we are staying. Today we rode around St Louis to visit Blueberry Hill and some other breweries.







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  1. Scott says:

    Hi Ken and Jenny I have only had the chance to scan some photos and read a few paragraphs but I have really enjoyed your commentary on the USA you are facing day by day so I will go back and read a bit more and just delight in the non traditional Yankee photos. Great stuff.
    Haven’t seen coco for a while but seemed full of beans a couple of weeks ago.
    Hope your time away continues to be enjoyable and safe . best wishes Scott

  2. Ben Breakspear says:

    Hi guys, got your postcard the other day..thanks! Have finally got around to reading your blog and it all sounds and looks awesome. Looking forward to catching up upon your return and hearing some more stories. Stay well and travel safe!

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