Week 2.  February 8 and 9. Broken Hill to Clare

Packing up is getting quicker now, we are starting to find our rhythm and what each of us is best at.  Mainly swearing for me!  Anyway, about an hour to pack up, we really like to put everything back so we can find it with our eyes closed and same to set up, about half of which is Ken levelling the van so we don’t fall out of bed.

Our set up with the drawers in the car is working brilliantly.

Driving into South Australia you suddenly realise that you have left the Outback, the colours are different, the red is gone and there are more towns along the way.  There is no sign to tell you this as there was in NSW welcoming us to the Outback.

We did have to go through quarantine and give up our fruit and veggies, so we munched through our apples, carrot and tomato and just handed over a single zucchini.

Clare is refreshingly green and cooler, but it is also dry here.  We are staying here for 3 nights as we are well kn schedule.  We aimed to be in Port Augusta on Sunday, we will get there on Thursday.

We were here in September on the bike, so it was nice to visit a few wineries by car this time. A few local brews found their way into the boot of the car.  The late afternoon was spent under an olive tree at Skillagalee.


Never look back


Into South Australia


At Cobwebs in Auburn


Wind turbine blade



Under the olive tree


Ken. tasting some Pike beers


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