First 3 days in Korea 

It is now Tuesday night and we are on the beach somewhere on the East coast of Korea. So far I haven’t mastered the names yet and the subtle differences between place names 

We arrived Sunday afternoon in Seoul after  an overnight flight from Brisbane via Hong Kong and then a train from Inchon airport

Early the next morning Ken put the bikes together and we set of to find the bus station to get to the east coast. Gangneung.

After 3 and 1/2 hours we arrived and set out again on the bikes to find the beach

The bus trip was fascinating, all available space is used yet the country is mountainous so there is a lot of undeveloped countryside too. The freeways through the country are impressive 

We stayed in a basic hotel on Anmok Beach from where we rode today. Usual first day issues sorted out quickly except for the vexed issue of money. My card wouldn’t work. Each bank simply sent me on until finally a smart young guy told me that I needed a global ATM but there was only 1 in the city. Well we found it and disaster averted but it did take 3 hours

Now we are in a nice guest house on the beach. Basic but only $50. Would have been cheaper if we took a room without a bed 

Fire crackers going off on the beach. Lots of chatter from the fish restaurants.  We had Italian. Very nice

But we did get an extra room for the bikes for free

So lots of kindness on our first full day of riding

Tomorrow I will start taking photos 

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