To Yeongok

Two more days of cycling done. Tomorrow we are off to Pohang and then 2 rest days

The cycling was brutally hilly yesterday compensated by a fabulous hotel in Jukbyeon with a bath for 2 overlooking the ocean followed by a great Italian dinner

The riding was not so hard today but a few of the gills were short and steep so I had to walk

Tonight we are in the Stream Pension, no dinner except for birthday cake from some other guests and a packet of chips. Everything is closed as it isn’t tourist season yet.  Never mind, some fellow travellers fed us large slabs of watermelon when we were having coffee and this afternoon we had 1 1/2 ice creams each as it was a 2 for 3 deal and the guy in 7-11 refused to let me leave it

Lots of impressions of Korea in the last few days. The east coast is quite mixed, lots of tourism especially around eating seafood. The sea is very clear and looks beautiful

There is of course lots of industry and development but most of what we have seen is about the products from the sea.

Every spare inch has vegetables growing on it. Very few flowers in the gardens it is all cultivated

A lot of the villages look messy by our standards. No adornment around the houses. People seem to work hard until a fair age but everyone has a newish car so not sure about the standard of living

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