To Pohang

A fairly easy day today. Virtually no hills except for nasty little climbs from the villages back to the road and vice versa

The route petered out once or twice leaving us to fight through sand or gravel or just threw us into the traffic but we arrived in Pohang which is a huge city but not too bad for riding as there are bike paths of the roads

We ventured into a local restaurant today where we had an amazing spring onion and octopus pancake with many little a complimentary dishes. It was cooked and served with such grace that it really made a difference to us beyond just giving sustenance 

I booked us into the Star Motel close to the beach and bus station which has turned out to be what they call a love hotel. We have a huge suite with a circular bath for 2 and an opening roof above the bed. It is on the 10th floor

Picture of room types in the lift.

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