Namji to Gumisi in 2 days

Gumisi is considered the Silicon Valley of Korea.  It is a big town. Lots of industry   Huge LG plant here for instance.

Yesterday we stayed near Daegu.  Coming in I was struck by how huge the road was 10 lanes and barely used. The sidewalk and parks were built but not maintained at all.

Super hot today we are setting off at 6 to take advantage of the cool tomorrow morning.  We are meeting quite a few riders on the path now. It has to be the best bike path ever.

The riding has been relatively easy, yesterday had some killer hills a few of which we cycled around. Thanks Ken great navigating

We are still following the rivers which are still enormous even though we are getting closer to the source.

Heaps of interesting things to see, signs, art work, flowers, parks and ecological areas with picnic spaces.

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