In Sangju City

This was going to be a short day which turned into a long one. 85 ks in the heat which is quite severe in the afternoon. We all wear ninja masks now.

We arrived at our hotel at 7 and after a quick shower went out to look for a place to eat. Tessa and I had barbecue and Ken had rice, bread and chocolate.

Along the way we stumbled on a huge bike museum where Marco, the manager, took us around and explained the exhibits and about Korean life to us. Lovely man, did a bit of flirting with Tessa.

As we turned a corner today 2 little blond kids raced up the hill past us on loaded bikes.  They were touring with their parents from Melbourne.  Turned out we have actually bought bike parts and accessories from them. Amazing. Hope they have somewhere to sleep tonight. They had no cash, ATM issues, and they were going to a desolate stretch 

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