Hari to Seoul in 3 days

We left Hari early to tackle the mountain peaks, a total of 11 ks of gentle climbing to go over a 530 mt and a 300 mt peak.

Early to get over before the heat and possible rain

The peak was a buzz we stopped twice for a drink but we rode all the way making the descent well deserved. During this ride we had a lot of sharp short hills which were impossible for me about half the time. Never did so much walking.

Tabitha joined us for coffee in a very shiny roadside cafe. Lots of glass display cabinets with Korean products, it could have been a trade centre

Tabitha had a flat and got a lift to Chungju with a Korean rider who had suffered a crash. He was ok but didn’t want to ride anymore. She was also worried about the rain so took a bus to Seoul planning to return later in the week

Anyway we had no issues and only a little rain. We stayed in a lovely clean hotel and with help from an English speaking girl in 7-Eleven ordered pizza

The next day we again avoided the rain and had fun riding an uneventful 80 k to Yeogu 

We ate Chinese. Still not my favourite and stayed in a hotel that looked like a fake thatch cottage

The last 100 to Seoul were steady and mostly through built up areas

The biggest surprise of the day was that the hills were gone replaced by tunnels, what a buzz!

The gods of cycling took their revenge by giving us a horrid head wind for 25 ks. What a grind. We were happy to get back to the GV Residence

Quick shower and into the bar be t door for tacos, beer and margaritas

What a great ride. So happy to share it with my wonderful husband and daughter

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