No hair dryer for two months aaaaagh!

Just reading Ken’s post from yesterday, and there is no hair dryer or hair straightener in that lot.  Some people who have travelled with me do know that I will lug those almost anywhere.  I really like travelling with Sandi, she actually dries my hair for me.  Every-one should travel with a hairdresser.  But  am getting older now and can accept feral hair.

A big Thank You to Angeli from Blue Phoenix Hair Design in Footscray.  She cut my hair yesterday and gave me some great red streaks.  If you are ever down this way, have her do your hair.

It is 6.30 am.  Last minute stuff this morning.  I have been up for a while making sure ll our bills and banking are in order for the next two months.

Ken and I work well as a team, I dont know anything about bikes except that I love to ride, so he looks after all that stuff and I do the travel arrangements and all the other things, like banking etc.  It works.

Saying goodbye to the kids last night and to-day will be a bit hard as usual.  It feels harder actually and I am not sure why, maybe getting older again.  So I am reminding myself that from now on we will be working less, travelling more and spending more time with the kids.  They are probably happy to see us off!

Next post from the USA!

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  1. Wanda says:

    I know I can’t do without my hair straightener! Have a wonderful trip! (I love the blog site btw!)

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